Introductor Largo AXS Infinity LS
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AXS Infinity LS, Introductor largo, es un innovador Introductor Largo de accesos neurovascular especialmente diseñado para acceder rápidamente a la zona distal y proporcionar un mayor soporte.

Bomba de aspiración MEDELA – STRYKER con kit de aspiración
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Dominant Flex es una bomba de succión potente y de alta calidad. La tecnología de pistón / cilindro de Medela garantiza una rápida acumulación de vacío a la vez que ofrece una alta capacidad de aspiración.
Bomba de aspiración MEDELA – STRYKER con kit de aspiración

Catéter de accesos distal CATALYST 5
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El catéter de acceso distal CAT™ 5 ofrece navegación y soporte para casos de acceso distal.

Stent Trevo® ProVue XP
Retriever 4x20mm |

Built on the Trevo platform, the Trevo XP ProVue Retriever has been optimized for ease of deliverability and placement. Its full length radiopacity makes it easy to see during positioning, integration and retrieval of clot.

Coil Target
with Tenzing™ Technology/90645804.AB /

The Formula for Exceptional Performance
Introducing a revolutionary formula for product development. With Tenzing Technology, quality, process, and design come together to create a platform where no single feature stands alone. Each element of the Target Detachable Coil system has been optimized to work together, resulting in exceptional coil performance.

Flower Gate
Catéter guía con balón FLOWGATE

lowGate² Balloon Guide Catheter offers proximal flow control and a stable platform to facilitate the insertion and guidance of intravascular devices. It provides a balance of trackability and support with a large lumen, intended for maximum clot capture and is indicated for use as a conduit for retrieval devices.

AXS Catalyst 6 Nuevo Producto
Stryker AXS Catalyst™ 6 Distal Access Catheter

The AXS CatalystTM 6 (CAT 6) Distal Access Catheter is designed to integrate fully into the complete Stryker Stroke Solution.
• Optimizes TrevoTM XP ProVue Retriever deliverability and clot retrieval capability
• Fully compatible with FlowGateTM 8F Balloon Guide Catheter

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Balón Transform
Balloon Catheter/NV00001888.AA/

Super Compliant and Compliant Occlusion Balloon Catheter Designed for extra softness and conformability to conform to irregular, complex vasculature

Stent Neuroform Atlas
Stent System

See package insert for complete indications, contraindications, warnings and instructions for use.

Coil Target Nano Detachable Coils

Target Nano Detachable Coils are the softest coil technology available*. Combined with Target Coil’s consistently smooth deployment and exceptional microcatheter stability results in an experience that is Beyond Soft. Designed to treat small spaces, Target Nano Coil’s incredible softness delivers increased conformability and shape adjustment.

Microcatéter Excelsior xt-17 microcatheter
The workhorse

Providing smooth tracking, stable delivery and a versatile platform, the Excelsior XT-17 Microcatheter is designed to be your go-to microcatheter when delivering a wide spectrum of therapies.

Microcatéter Excelsior xt-27 microcatheter
Superior access for accurate deployment

Introducing the most advanced 0.027in ID microcatheter* for delivery of interventional devices with easy access to treatment site, improved stent trackability†, and superior stent deployment accuracy§.

Microguía Synchro 2
Advanced design for access

Featuring Synchro Guidewire technology designed to enhance torque transmission through its microfabricated outer structure

  • Designed for torque control
  • Intended for reliable stability and flexibility
  • Offered in both shapeable and pre-shaped tips
  • Presented with standard and soft tip options.

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